R U D I left his business administration job to study songwriting at age 33.  After writing his first song, his teacher, former A1 member Christian Ingebrigtsen called it a 'potential hit'. From there on, R U D I went on to write around thirty songs before graduating a year later.  R U D I is now in the process of recording and releasing the songs he wrote while studying songwriting.

R U D I’s melodic gifts and soulful voice are the results of a lifetime listening to pop music.  Influenced by the likes of Christina Aguilera and Adele, but with a style all his own, R U D I’s songs are filled with emotion - ranging from hope, joy, and inspiration to mystery, introversion and melancholy. Now, with his first official releases, he is ready to introduce himself to a global audience, allowing listeners around the world to connect with his powerful message. 

With his fourth single 'Wasted', R U D I really came into his own as an artist, expressing the highs and lows of love in the way that only the best songwriters can. He has since returned with an acoustic version of his most popular song ‘Heartstrings’, which has also seen huge popularity since its release. 

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