R U D I announces 'Heartstrings Unplugged'

R U D I launched his music career just as the pandemic hit his home country. So far, even through all of the challenges, he has found a way to make it a huge success.  

With no management or record label, R U D I has released a number of online singles and has been able to reach the ears of listeners from all over the world. “Heartstrings” is his most listened to song so far and has already been streamed more than 8,000 times on Spotify alone. 

Now, R U D I is releasing an unplugged version of his most popular song for listeners to enjoy as we all fight our way through this current predicament.  

He has been lucky enough to learn from some experienced songwriting professionals in Oslo, which has really helped him create music that people are able to connect with on a personal level. In fact, R U D I’s songwriting teacher, Christian Ingebrigsten, is a former member of the popular Norway band, A1, and has been a professional musician since 1998. 

Ingebrigsten coined R U D I’s ‘Heartstrings” as “a potential hit” upon hearing it, which R U D I said was a huge boost for his confidence. “Over the course of a year, he continued to praise me for my natural talent for melody writing,” said R U D I. “To receive praise from someone who has been so successful, and someone I’ve looked up to, has really helped me feel confident in the songs I’m able to create when I set my mind to it.” 

One of R U D I’s true gifts is his ability to turn his true emotions into sound, which is exactly what he did on “Heartstrings”. 

“While writing the song, I had this feeling of despair and resignation that felt so powerful. I wanted to portray the way I felt every relationship I got into would play out,” explains R U D I. 

He certainly was able to do that through the song’s lyrics and emotion, and – because of how popular it has been so far – it appears as though listeners can relate to the song’s message. R U D I expects the new unplugged version will connect with listener’s even more because of the raw, stripped-down approach he took to recording it. 

R U D I will be performing live shows through an online stream in the near future as a way to connect with more fans around the world. When the situation arises, he is also eager to start doing live performances in his home country of Norway, and beyond. 


Fans can also expect brand new music soon. R U D I will be releasing his next single “Outlaw” in January and is working on a ton of new songs that will be heard in early 2021. He plans on exploring areas he has yet to reach and wants to keep pushing his songwriting even further so he can continue to expand his sound. 

There are a lot of uncertainties around the world right now as we all fight through difficult circumstances, but one thing is definitely for sure: this is only the beginning of R U D I. 

Pre-save the brand new, unplugged version of “Heartstrings” here.

Heartstrings Unplugged is available everywhere November 27.

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