R U D I announces new single 'Wasted'

The Oslo pop troubadour’s latest is an irresistible ode to intoxicated romance.

R U D I has spent his life digging deep into the pop music genre, absorbing its mysteries and romances and reinventing them in his own image. With his new single, he comes into his own as an artist, expressing the highs and lows of love in the way that only the best songwriters can.

‘Wasted’ opens with R U D I setting the scene of two young lovers sharing a drink. The sparse piano accompaniment quickly blossoms into a full blown dance beat, bringing the character’s excitement to life. The hook is unforgettable, one play will be enough to get the song stuck in listener’s heads for weeks. The intricate production continues to evolve in unexpected ways, keeping the song emotionally engaging until the very last note. ‘Wasted’ is sure to find a way into the hearts of pop fans everywhere.’ 

‘Wasted’ is available everywhere July 24, 2020.

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