R U D I remixes 'King of This City'

R U D I releases his own remix of personal favorite King of This City to fill the sonic void and create more anticipation for the upcoming single Outlaw.

Outlaw is the lead single off of the Outlaw album, which R U D I is currently releasing as singles throughout 2020 and continuing into 2021. It was scheduled for release in October, but has been pushed back, and will be released in January.

The Oslo based singer-songwriter spends a fair amount of time learning and testing production techniques and has really pushed the envelope on his self-produced remix of King of This City. 

"I wouldn't self-produce any original songs but I feel like my skills are good enough to make remixes. I'm an independent artist - I can do what I want, basically" he admits.

The ever-evolving artist describes his passion for music as a bottomless well of creativity and does not shy away from exploring new sounds. He has taken his popular dance bomb and transformed it into an urban RnB/trap infused ballad. This version of the song could have easily served as the original.

"It had already been four months since the release of Wasted, and I didn't want people to forget that I exist. I mean... releasing music is the whole point of being a singer-songwriter in the first place. Other than that, I wanted to show off a different side of my artistic self, sonically, so I tried my best to make something that sounded different from what I've already released" he states.

Listen to the King of This City Remix here.

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